IP gateway

acoGO! P-IP WiFi SIP gateway for door entry system P or PV, with call redirection to any phone (audio version)

IP gateway

acoGO! P-IP WiFi SIP gateway for door entry system P or PV, with call redirection to any phone (audio version)

The gateway acoGO! 1.0 (SIP) allows you to answer the intercom call on any phone as a normal phone call. It allows you to remotely handle the call, open the door and control the second gate or other home automation (from the phone’s numeric keypad).

In order to work, an external SIP server is required, which allows you to redirect calls from the door entry system to ordinary phone numbers (mobile, stationary, internal), regardless of the type of phone you have. It is possible to use an existing SIP server in the building (e.g. telephone exchange) or use an external VoIP service provider, who will provide access to a SIP server and enable calling to ordinary phone numbers. The SIP server and VoIP services are independent of the acoGO! gateway and must be arranged on your own (example VoIPprovider is www.fcn.pl).

The device supports 1 apartment (1 receiver address) and audio call with the possibility of adding four phone numbers to which the call is to be made. Calling is done sequentially to individual phone numbers (depending on the set time).

The device requires LAN connection with access to SIP server (locally or remotely e.g. via Internet). The connection to the LAN is possible using the built-in WiFi or wired – Ethernet socket (recommended solution). The gateway can be installed instead of a classic door entry receiver or simultaneously with an existing receiver (by connecting it to the door entry bus). Connection is established with the telephone or door entry receiver, depending on which one answers the call first. The gateway works with Aco devices operating in P or PV systems (Familio, Inspiro, CDNP). Minimalist form allows for versatile use of the device in various types of investments. It is mainly designed for mounting on a wall or in a switchboard.

NOTE: An alternative device that does not require a SIP server is acoGO! 2.0 P WiFi gateway, which allows you to receive the intercom on a dedicated application installed on your smartphone (Android / iPhone – iOS), with the ability to preview the video door entry and options for multi-apartment buildings – more details can be found on www.fcn.pl www.acogo.pl


acoGO! P-IP WiFi


IP gateway with built-in Wi-Fi, for P or PV door entry system, with the possibility to talk via smartphone, open the door, control the second gate (or other home automation)


Front panel made of ABS plastic

Available colours


Handset hang-up






Dimensions (mm)

(w x H x D) 82 x 122,5 x 34

Installation type

Digital P system: 2 wires + power supply, or
Digital PV system: cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15V DC / 500mA

Stand-by power consumption

~ 2,9W


6 x screw terminals (P or PV system bus connection):
– audio connection: “LINE+” and “LINE-”
– power supply connection: “+DC” and “-DC”
– connection of the Video signal: “V+” and “V-” (for a PV system, the video signal goes directly from the RJ45 connector)
1 x RJ45 connector:
– P or PV system bus connection
1 x RJ45 connector:
– LAN connection


1 x screw connections:
– passive receiver connection (INS-UP/UP720B/M)


– elegant housing, which can be installed next to the classic receiver (surface-mounted installation)
– can be used as a receiver (possibility of automatic operation, without a classic receiver)
– possibility of parallel operation (at the same address as the classic receiver: both passive and active)
– supports an audio call,
– handles door opening
– supports home automation (function button), e.g. opening the gate, barrier, roller shutters, lighting control or other external device (option available depending on the type of control panel or panel, in some cases additional CDN-I/O module required)
– works over the Internet
– Internet connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
– clear, distortion-free sound
– full privacy of the call
– intuitive and comfortable operation
– straightforward configuration
– cooperates with a mobile application acoGO! installed on a smartphone, available in the Play (Android) shop
– Hands-free function (for mobile application acoGO!)
– the volume control of the call/conversation (for mobile application acoGO!)
– supports the call address from the pool available in the system: 255 addresses
– can react to any calling address (after setting the address to “0”)
– free of charge possibility to connect to two phones (for three and four phones, a later service for a fee is available)
– management of device settings through a web browser (both PC and mobile)
– Firmware / software upgrades possible (firmware / software)
– possibility of setting the time after which the gateway should start calling the smartphone
– possibility to set the time after which added smartphones should ring one after the other
– possibility to set the time of the conversation through the gateway
– individual number of each device: DevID
– compatible with all digital devices of the CDNP, Inspiro and Como / Familio P/PV group

Facilities for people with disabilities:
– answering the intercom remotely and making a call
– remote door release (via smartphone application)
– remote control of home automation,
e.g. opening of gates, barriers, roller shutters, lighting control (via smartphone application)