Special module

CDNVSp Video intermediate combiner

Special module

CDNVSp Video intermediate combiner

The intermediate combiner expands the bus of a digital video system. It allows to connect the power supply to the panel and provides power to the bus. In selected models of devices it is possible to mount directly in a frame or box. It is possible to distance the module from the panel by using an ARK-RS adapter. Due to data transmission, the maximum cable length depends on external interference. Compatible with digital slave panels with a group camera module: CDN, Inspiro and Familio P with an external camera.




Intermediate combiner is used to expand the existing bus of a digital video system


ABS plastic housing

Dimensions (mm)


Power supply

15V DC / 50mA

Stand-by power consumption



1 x RJ45 socket (video bus output)
1 x EXTMOD connector (control panel/panel connection)