CDNVSbk-CAM Sumator pośredni wideo bez kamery


CDNVSbk-CAM Sumator pośredni wideo bez kamery

An intermediate combiner without camera is required for slave panels that do not have a camera module and the video signal must be fed back onto the bus.

It allows the power supply, the audio signal (LINE) and the audio signal from the previous panel (ML) to be fed into the bus. Output and input are RJ-45 connectors for the system bus (UTP cat. 5e or 6).

Mounted directly on the control panel board.

Compatible with CDNP group digital panels and all INSPIRO+ panels.




Intermediate combiner extending the existing digital video system bus in places where the camera module will not be used

Type of installation

Digital: twisted cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15V DC


1 x RJ45 socket (system bus output)


1 x RJ45 socket (system bus input)


– used in INSPIRO + audio Slave panels working in a video system
– used in CDNP Slave control panels (without a camera module)
– introduces to the system bus: audio line signal
– outputs from the bus the audio line signal from the previous control panel / panel (“ML” connector)
– convenient installation directly on the board used in the control panel
– compatible with all frames of the CDN and INSPIRO series
– operating temperature: from -20 to 50ºC