CDN-PK+ Extended relay module

CDN-PK+ Extended relay module

Pk+ module is an extension of Pk module. It’s used to cooperate with electronic CDN modules, especially with modules of ACC proximity card and key ring readers.

This device allows the connection of the traditional or reverse CDN electric door strike, and via electromagnetic jumper joint’s contact or any electronic device.




Extensive relay module

Dimensions (mm)



ABS plastic housing

Stand-by power consumption

~ 0,8W

Power supply

10VDC – 15VDC; 12 VAC / 90mA


ARK screw connections:
– NO/NC relay, max. 5A, 250VAC
– transistor: short-circuited to earth (solid or pulsed) with a load capacity up to 1A, e.g. for connecting an electric door opener


ARK screw connections:
– power supply
– NO
EXTMOD connector for communication with other modules


– current load of the relay contacts is 5A
– regulation of the output operating time from 1 – 31s
– has one pair of contacts working in NO and NC mode
– enables connection of e.g. electromagnetic jumper, traditional and reversible electric striker
– has a transistor output to connect e.g. a classic electric door strike (closed to ground by impulse or permanently)
– possibility of bistable relay output operation
– both outputs always work simultaneously
– operation of an external button to activate the outputs
– Compatible with the ACC reader modules of the CDN series (also enables the power supply of these readers)
– compatible with INS-ACC standalone reader
– the applied relay with increased tightness
(Relpol RM-40)