Key fob reader

INS-ACC-60 Standalone proximity key fob reader for installation electrical box Φ 60mm

Key fob reader

INS-ACC-60 Standalone proximity key fob reader for installation electrical box Φ 60mm

Miniature module for reading proximity key fobs in Unique 125 kHz standard. The device is designed to control one output by using proximity fobs added to the reader’s memory. The output can control external devices such as: electric door strike, reversing electric door strike or relay. The reader is installed in a standard installation box Φ 60 mm or surface-mounted by an optional box which should be bought separately.

INS-ACC-60 supports up to 6144 proximity key fobs, assigned in the same way as other Aco products for example CDNP7ACC and INSPIRO+ series. The reader allows for simple adding key fobs by master key fob (without connecting to computer or disassemble the reader) or adding and managing key fobs by free software (CDN-USB interface required).

The device is compatible with other Aco devices equipped with ACC proximity reader, which enables opening many entrances with a single key fob, both in standalone readers and door entry system.




Standalone proximity key fob reader for installation box Φ 60mm


2mm thick brushed stainless steel flat front panel

Dimensions (mm)

78 x 78 x 21

Mounting method

flush mounted into the box ,
optional additional surface-mounted box: INS-P-XXS-60 NT (80x80x36,5/28)

Installation type

2 wires for power supply, 2 wires for electric door strike

Power supply

12 – 15VDC / 40 mA (without electric door strike)

Standby power consumption



2 x screw connectors:
– connection of a traditional electric strike (max. 1A) or connection of a reversing electric strike (max.0,5A) or a relay module
CDN-PK relay module (contact load max. 5A)


2 x ARK:
– power connection: “+DC” and “-DC”
1 x screw connector ARK: “GND”
1 x screw connector ARK: “INPUT”
– connection of NO contact (e.g. bell button) – direct activation of the output (activated by shorting to GND)


– resistant to weather conditions and acts of vandalism
– working temperature: from -20 to 50ºC
– flush mount version compatible with standard 60 electrical/installation boxes
– can be surface mounted after buying the INS-P-XXS-60 NT box
– proximity key reading standard: Unique 125 kHz
– support max. 6144 fobs
– acoustic signaling (with possibility of switching it off)
– output time adjustment from 0,6s – 25s.
– possibility to connect various types of electric strikes (traditional, reversible, with memory) or electromagnetic locks (CDN-PK module required)
CDN-PK module required)
– support for external push button opening: INPUT (e.g. INS-OB )
– key fob management compatible with CDNP7ACC and INSPIRO+ series products
– programming from the device level (adding keyfobs by means of master keyfob, without dismounting the device).
– Computer programming (using optional CDN-USB cable)
– Common PC software for INS-ACC-60, CDNP7ACC and INSPIRO+ proximity readers
– free software
– wide range of supply voltage
– output protected against shorting by polymer fuse

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