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| PS45-15-PRO-13 | Power supply with video splitter for Familio PRO system
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Technical details

Index PS45-15-PRO-13
Device type DC power supply with integrated video splitter
Dimensions (mm) 109x92x59 (6 x DIN modules)
Mounting DIN rali or surface
Installation type Digital: twisted pair cable cat. 5e or 6
Current 3A
Voltage Input: 100-240VAC, 1A 50/60Hz
Output: 15VDC
Outputs ARK screw connections:
15V DC, GND, Line, 3 x video (differential)
3 x RJ45 for connecting monitors
Inputs ARK screw connections:
230V (PE, L, N), Video IN (differential)
1 x RJ45 for connecting the PRO panel (without power supply to the electric strike)
Attributes - connection of 3 monitors at a distance of max. 70m (cat. 5e)
- Main input from panel or other ACO standard source
- possibility to connect the panel directly at a distance of max. 100m (cat. 5e, without power supply to the electric strike)
- possibility of powering the electric strike (only ARK screw terminals)
- has built-in active video amplifiers
- compatible with other ACO video systems
- can be connected with RJ-45 or ARK screw connectors

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