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| MOD-DC-12V | Voltage converter from 14-16VDC to 12VDC / 0.5A (for reversing electric door strikes)
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Technical details

Index MOD-DC-12V
Description Voltage converter
Dimensions (mm) 54x32x16
Material ABS plastic housing
Max. number of subscribers -
Installation type -
Power supply Input: 14-16V DC
Output: 12V DC
Current: 0,5A
Standby power consumption -
Outputs 2 x screw connections:
- output: 12V DC; GND
Inputs 2 x screw connections:
- input voltage connection: 14-16V DC; GND
Attributes - dedicated for reversing electric strikes requiring an exact voltage of 12V DC
- is dedicated for audio/video systems (CDNP, INSPIRO+, Familio/COMO (P/PV/PRO) and other devices powered from a transformer or 15VDC power supply unit
- universal
- type: impulse (efficiency about 90%)
- protection: thermal, overload and short-circuit protection