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  • | PRO-USB 2.0 | Computer interface for managing the settings of 3rd generation PRO devices through the door entry system bus

    | PRO-USB 2.0 | Computer interface for managing the settings of 3rd generation PRO devices through the door entry system bus

    The interface enables easy and affordable control of any device of PRO-3 generation from the PC level, e.g. COMO-PRO panels, GLASSPRO 7-inch touch monitors and other PRO devices with "G3" in their name.
    The PRO-USB can be connected anywhere on the bus of the running PRO system, and thanks to the individual numbers of each device (Dev ID) we can search and manage the settings of all devices in the system (collectively or individually).
    In the panels it is possible to add or remove proximity key fobs (for door opening), assign receiver addresses to call buttons, change the door opening time, enable notification in the receiver when the door is opened with the proximity key fob and manage the list of premises. In the receivers
    we can read and modify its address in the system, intercom address, manage the volume of the call, change the melody of the bell and modify video parameters or enable other options (e.g. automatic termination of the conversation after opening the door).
    Each type of the PRO Generation 3 device has its own set of settings that can be managed from the interface. Apart from that each device has possibility to set 4-digit password to access settings (password cannot be reset or recovered in any way - in case of forgetting the password the
    user has to send it back to the producer together with proof of purchase - device will be restored to factory settings). All settings and proximity key fobs database can be saved to a file or in the cloud (Google Drive, DropBox).
    PRO-USB also enables software updates for all PRO Generation 3 devices and the interface itself. The update can be performed on the  running system and all devices simultaneously. The software can be used to check if there are available updates for the devices found in the system and if they are available they will be downloaded from the Internet and the entire update process will run automatically and without manual intervention.
    Connect the module to the bus of the PRO system using 3 wires (LINE, +DC and -DC) or RJ45 connectors (the module has 2 RJ45 connectors, which makes it possible to connect it to any place on the bus). The USB connector is connected to a PC (drivers should install automatically). The interface requires a dedicated "PRO 3 MANAGER" application installed on the PC, which is available for free and can be downloaded from the address: www.aco.com.pl/pro3manager
    The PRO 3 MANAGER application supports all Generation 3 PRO devices and is constantly being developed and improved (it is updated
    automatically through the Internet), and thanks to the software update of the devices there is always access to the latest possibilities of the PRO system.
    The PRO-USB 2.0 (2nd generation) interface is a completely new design, with improved stability and performance, firmware updates to the
    interface itself, and support for the latest generation 3 PRO devices.

  • | PRO-USB | Computer interface for managing PRO G3 devices

    | PRO-USB | Computer interface for managing PRO G3 devices

    Computer interface for managing the settings of the 3rd generation PRO devices via the door entry system bus. It enables easy and accessible operation from the computer level of any PRO generation 3 series device. This applies to such products as COMO-PRO panels, GLASS-PRO 7-inch touchscreen monitors, and other devices with the name "G3". The module can be connected to any place on the system bus.

  • | PRO-RJ45-ARK-60 | Adapter RJ45 - ARK for PRO system

    | PRO-RJ45-ARK-60 | Adapter RJ45 - ARK for PRO system

    The module allows to switch from RJ45 connector to ARK screw connectors in PRO digital systems.
    Useful when it is not possible to tighten RJ45 plugs or when it is necessary to switch to RJ45 connector from single wires.
    Designed to be mounted in a Ø60mm installation box, compatible with the PRO digital system.

  • | TR-ACO  | Proximity key ring

    | TR-ACO | Proximity key ring

    Proximity key ring in UNIQUE 125 kHz standard.

    Key ring dedicated for any ACO system equipped with a proximity reader and for other devices working in this standard.

  • | TR-ACO-KT | Proximity card

    | TR-ACO-KT | Proximity card

    Proximity card on standard UNIQUE 125 kHz.

    Card dedicated for all ACO systems equipped with proximity reader and to other devices that work in this standard

  • | FAM-MPRO 7-S | Desk stand for 7” video inside unit

    | FAM-MPRO 7-S | Desk stand for 7” video inside unit

    The stand is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to fit video inside unit with glass front.

    ACO receivers are solid devices, made from the best materials, functional and easy to operate.

    Reliability, durability and innoviation are trademarks of ACO brand.