UPRO800 Hands-free audio receiver with flat front panel and touchscreen function icons, for the PRO system


UPRO800 Hands-free audio receiver with flat front panel and touchscreen function icons, for the PRO system

The audio receiver (or “uniphone”) is characterized by a minimalist design as well as simple and intuitive operation and installation.
It has a flat front with touch-sensitive and backlit function icons. It is a hands-free receiver and is featured by a very good sound quality.
Its most important functions are: intercom (possibility of ringing inside the building between the receivers), melodious ringtones, opening the door and the second gate without making a call, auto-opening function, doorbell function, optical signalling of ringing and muting. The built-in universal relay output can be switched on from the touch icon (e.g. for controlling an automatic
universal relay output switched by touch icon (e.g. for controlling home automation system).

The uniphone represents the 3rd generation of PRO receivers, which means an improved design of the device to ensure even greater reliability and capabilities: among others, support for larger (longer) installations, more residents, remote management of the device (from any location in the system) and software update. The 3rd generation PRO products are constantly developed and thanks to software updates
All new functionalities and capabilities will also be available for those who have bought the products before.

They cooperate with ACO devices working in PRO and PRO-A systems.




Hands-free audio receiver for PRO system, flat front with touchscreen function icons


ABS plastic housing

Dimensions (mm)


Mounting method


Available colors


Hanging up the handset



Installation type

Digital PRO system: min. 3 wires or twisted pair cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15VDC / 140 mA

Standby power consumption



The ” Circle” button (function key F2):
– on the system bus (optional PRO I/O-60 module required)
– 2 x ARK screw terminals: NO contact: 2A/24VDC (potential-free, separated from the system) – after pressing the button for 3s


1 x RJ45 socket
5 x screw connectors (PRO system bus connection):
– audio signal connection: “LINE”
– power supply connection: “+DC” and “-DC”
1 x screw connector “RING”:
– connection of a NO contact, e.g. “bell” button – doorbell function (activated after shorting to GND of the system)


– intuitive and comfortable operation and simple installation
– hands-free
– illuminated touchscreen icons
– 7-grade sound adjustment (ringing and calling independently)
– 4 melodious ringtones
– Optical signalling of call muting
– Clear, distortion-free sound
– Full privacy of the call (no possibility to eavesdrop the conversation)
– Possibility of work of several receivers under one address
– the receiver can receive any calling address (after setting the address to “0”)
– home automation (function key F2): control of external devices such as gate, barrier, roller blinds, lighting, etc.
without establishing a connection (optional Relay Module PRO I/O-60 connected to the system bus is required)
– built-in universal relay outputs activated independently for 1s, e.g. for home automation (potential-free,
(potential-free, separated from the system, activated by a touch icon, from the computer it is possible to adjust time of operation and mode: mono or bistable)
– Door bell function (RING) – activated via the built-in input or via the system bus (optional module required)
– Office function – automatic door opening – activation at any time (door will open when ringing is detected)
– Intercom function: possibility of making calls within a building between receivers (PC-based setting of intercom
(from the computer it is possible to set the intercom address to which the receiver should ring – by default it rings at all 3 addresses simultaneously)
– possibility of intercom ringing within the main ringing address as well as outside the main ringing address – communication back to other premises or e.g. doorman
– independent main address (0-1023) and intercom address (0-3) for each receiver
– supports calling addresses from the pool available in the system: 127 addresses (programmed by switches in the receiver) or from the 1023 addresses available in the system (programmed from the computer)
– compatible with devices working in PRO and PRO-A system (e.g. COMO-PRO panels)
– programming of settings and software update over the system bus (optional computer interface PRO-USB 2.0 required)
– individual number for each device: DevID
– Search for all devices in the system
– Individual or group device management
– possibility to manage devices and updates in a running system
– One software to manage all devices: PRO 3 MANAGER