UP800V Digital audio inside unit upgradeable with LCD display


UP800V Digital audio inside unit upgradeable with LCD display

Digital audio inside unit upgradeable with LCD display, flat front with touch functional icons

Attention! A newer generation of the device with new functionalities is now available: UP800V (G2)

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UP800V (G2)


Digital audio inside unit, flat front with touch functional icons


Housing made of ABS

Available colours



Optional – LCD display module:
– UP800 LCD 3.5″



Dimensions (mm)


Installation type

Digital PV system: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15VDC (min. 13,5V; max. 18V), 280 mA

Stand-by power consumption

~ 0,2W


1 x RJ45 socket (bus connection)
4 x ARK screw connectors
audio and power line connection
1 x screw connector “RING”:
– connection of NO contact e.g. “bell” button – doorbell function (activated after a contact with the system GND)
2 x ARK screw connectors
connection of the video signal
1 x 10-pin connector
connection of an optional 3,5″ LCD display


The ” Circle” button (Function button F2):
– on the system bus
– 2 x ARK screw connectors:
NO contact: 2A/24VDC (potential-free, separated from the system) – after holding down the 3s buttons


– illuminated touch icons
– hands-free
– 7-step sound adjustment (rings and calls)
– clear, interference-free sound
– intuitive and comfortable to use
– full privacy of the connection
– possibility to work several receivers at one address
– doorbell function
– uniphone can receive any call address (after setting “0”)
– home automation: control of external devices,
e.g. gate, barrier, roller blinds, lighting
– opening or controlling home automation without an active connection
– compatible with all digital devices from CDNP, Inspiro and Familio P/PV groups
The possibility of changing the uniphone into a video monitor after installing a dedicated 3.5″ UP800 LCD display, we gain:
– colorful, clear image
– possibility to call up the image preview in the standby mode and the possibility to switch the preview on permanently
– simple installation of the display (can be done by the end user)

Features available in new generation (G2):
– image preview for 20s
– possibility to attach a permanent preview
– built-in relay outputs activated independently for 1s (potential-free, separated from the system),
– Auto open function (when the ringing is detected, the door will open)