Special module

MOD-10NBP External buttons connection module

Special module

MOD-10NBP External buttons connection module

External buttons connect to this module in order to make directly dial an apartment number. Up to 10 buttons can be connected to the module and they are programmed via ACO’s computer software. More modules can be connected together in order to operate more buttons. The module is compatible also with NO switches that are connected with one common wire (GND). The MOD-10NBP is compatible with CDN, INSPIRO and Familio P/PV outside stations and with built-in module MOD-SPK-P.

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External buttons connection module

Dimensions (mm)



Housing made of ABS

Max. number of subscribers


Stand-by power consumption

~ 0,35W

Power supply

From the outside unit (15V DC / 23mA)


1 x EXTMOD connection (outside station connection)


ARK terminal block:
– 10 x switch button (NO) for e.g. ring
– 2 x GND (common terminal for all buttons)
1 x EXTMOD socket (connection of other modules)


– operates up to 10 buttons with address from 1 to 255
– compatible with MOD-SPK-P and with all devices from CDN, INSPIRO and FAMILIO P/PV range.
– more modules can be connected together
– programmable via computer with CDN-USB cable
– free software avilable in download section (FAM_P software)