Distributor module

CDNVRau-DIN Active video splitter for DIN rail

Distributor module

CDNVRau-DIN Active video splitter for DIN rail

Active splitter for DIN rail. It has 4 active outputs (amplifiers) and one passive output (no amplifier). It allows connection of up to 5 inside units or splitting the bus line into 4 independent outputs. It is also possible to connect another splitter or to terminate the line with the main jumper.
Active outputs make possible connecting the inside units within 70 m distance (when the configuration is done properly).
One of the active outputs is additionally strengthened which allows to level down video signal losses on long bus lines.
The audio line can be connected with additional screw terminals.
The module can be mounted on the floors, in central points or where the bus line is split.
It can be powered up from the bus line or from an external 15V PSU (integrated jumper that cuts off power from the bus line).
The splitter is resistant to the cabling damages (short circuit of the power line with audio or video line)
It takes space of 4 DIN modules.
Compatible with chosen digital devices from: CDN, Inspiro and Familio groups.




DIN rail active video splitter

Dimensions (mm)

91,1x71x59,2 (4 DIN modules)


ABS plastic housing


DIN rail or surface

Installation type

Digital: twisted pair cable cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15VDC / 40mA

Stand-by power consumption



Rj45 connector (5 x bus: video, line, power):
– 4 x active outputs (amplifiers)
– 1 x passive output (without amplifier)
ARK screw connectors:
– line signal connection (audio receivers)


RJ45 connector (bus: video, line, power):
– 1 x main input
ARK screw connectors:
– connection of additional power supply


– connection of up to 5 receivers – RJ45 type connectors (system bus)
– Splitting the main bus into 4 independent outputs
– distance to the receiver: up to 70 m. (with the correct number of power supplies)
– possibility to increase the distance using additional power supplies
– main input from panel or other ACO standard source
– four active outputs (video amplifiers)
– one passive output to connect another distributor or receiver
– one active output with additional video signal amplification (for long buses it eliminates video loss)
– compatible with ACO video systems
– ARK screw connectors (power, audio line)
– Possibility to work as a pass-through or final splitter (built-in video terminator with jumper)
– LED indicating power supply and operating status of the splitter
– each output to the receiver is protected on the power supply line with a polymer fuse (it automatically restores voltage to the output after the
short circuit has ended and the power supply has been reset)