IP gateway

acoGO! PRO-A-IP DIN IP gateway, for PRO-A or PRO door entry system

IP gateway

acoGO! PRO-A-IP DIN IP gateway, for PRO-A or PRO door entry system

Meet acoGo!

SIP gateway for door entry system in the PRO / PRO-A system, with the possibility to make an Audio call on any phone, open the door, control the second gate (or other home automation). SIP version – allows calls to be made to 4 phone numbers in sequence, external VoIP operator required, e.g. www.fcn.pl

acoGO! can act as an door entry system receiver.

More at: www.acogo.pl




SIP gateway to the PRO or PRO-A door entry system


ABS plastic housing

Available colours



DIN rail or surface-mounted

Dimensions (mm)

4 DIN modules (71x91x59)

Installation type

Digital PRO-A (audio) system: 3 wires, or
Digital PRO system: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6

Power supply

15V DC / 500mA

Stand-by power consumption

~ 2,5W


3 x screw connectors (PRO system bus connection):
– audio signal connection: “LINE”
– power supply connection: „+DC” and “-DC”
1 x Rj45 connector:
– PRO system bus connection
1 x Rj45 connector:
– LAN computer network connection




– cooperates with a SIP server in the local LAN (e.g. telephone exchange) or with an external VoIP provider (e.g. www.fcn.pl) – Internet access
– possibility of calling regular phone numbers (mobile, landline, regardless of the type of phone). In this case it is necessary to use an external
VoIP service provider, who will provide access to a SIP server with the possibility of calling regular phone numbers (this type of service is
independent from Aco and must be arranged on your own).
– the possibility of specifying up to 4 phone numbers (or up to 4 SIP server user names) to be called
– the call is made consecutively to each of the 4 numbers
– ability to set the time after which the gateway starts ringing
– ability to set the time after which the added 4 phone numbers are to start ringing
– ability to set time of call- redirects the functions of the interphone receiver to a mobile or stationary phone enabling, among other things:
– audio conversation: clear, interference-free sound
– full privacy of the connection (after answering the call on the phone the door entry receiver is disconnected – and vice versa)
– intuitive and comfortable operation
– hands-free mode or as a classic phone call
– Volume adjustment for ringing/talking
– opening the door (during the conversation) – by pressing digit 1 on the phone’s numeric keypad (tone dialling required)
– controlling additional devices (during the conversation), e.g. the second gate, barrier, lighting, roller-blinds or other home automation
(outputs other home automation system (relay output F2)* – by pressing digit 2 on the phone number keypad (tone dialing required). tone
dialing required)
– can be installed instead of a receiver (possibility of automatic operation without a classic receiver)
– possibility of parallel operation (on the same address as the classic receiver)
– can be connected anywhere on the door entry bus (connection method depends on the type of receiver)
– connection to LAN: Ethernet connector – simple configuration
– supports calling addresses from a pool of 1020 addresses – can react to every calling address (after setting “0” address)
– operation of the device via web browser (device configuration page)
– Possibility of updating the software (firmware / software)
– compatible with all PRO and PRO-A series digital devices- LED informing about device status

*option available depending on type and configuration of the panel, additional PRO-I/O-60 (G3) module required

Features for people with disabilities
On any phone it is possible to:
– remotely answer the door entry system and make a call
– remotely open the door (during conversation)
– remote control of home automation (during conversation)
e.g. opening the second gate, barrier, roller-blinds, li