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| SW4S-DIN | 4-zone switch for INSPIRO+ panels, for up to 1020 residents, DIN rail mounted
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The module works with INSPIRO+ panels of "Master" type and enables them to operate up to 1020 premises in one system (4 x 255 receiver addresses). The module separates four zones, each of which creates an independent bus with the same rules of operation and wiring as the classic connection of Inspiro+ panels or CDNP control panels.

Each zone has 255 receiver addresses, an individual table of opening codes and individual call parameters. The receiver addresses in each zone can be assigned to an individual maximum 6-digit calling number (dialed from the panel keypad). The module is suitable for both video (it has RJ45 connectors) and audio systems. It is possible to connect in one door entry system unlimited number of Master panels with SW4S-DIN modules.

In system with SW4S-DIN modules it is possible to carry out up to four conversations simultaneously (one conversation from Master panel with one zone and unlimited number of conversations from Slave panels).

The module can be used to create both extensive and complex installations, as it allows to connect the installation in the so-called star, which significantly reduces the length of the bus (modules are mounted in the central point of the "star"). To use the modules, there must be at least one Slave panel/center in each zone (for this purpose, you can also use a built-in module: MOD-SPK-P).
Note: Receivers cannot be connected directly to module outputs.

The module has a DIN rail mounting housing and is 6 modules wide.

Compatible with selected digital devices from groups: CDNP, INSPIRO and Familio P / PV.

Technical details

Index SW4S-DIN
Description 4-zone switch for INSPIRO+ panels, supports up to 1020 residents (4 x 255 receiver addresses), DIN rail mounted, supports audio and video systems.
Dimensions (mm) 6 DIN modules (109x92x59)
Material ABS plastic housing
Mounting DIN rail or surface mounted
Installation type Digital P system: 2 wires + power, or
Digital PV system: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Outputs 8 x RJ45 connectors (2 per zone):
- for the connection of P or PV system buses with Slave type panels / panels
- for connecting additional SW4S-DIN modules
Inputs 4 x detachable screw connectors (master panel connection):
- audio signal connection: "LINE+" and "LINE-"
- power supply connection: "+DC" and "-DC"
1 x RJ45 connector:
- connection of master panel - P or PV system bus
Characteristics Power supply: 15V DC / 50mA
Power consumption in standby mode: ~ 0,07W
- support for up to 1020 residents (4 x 255 receiver addresses)
- support for up to 4 independent zones: each zone comprises 255 receiver addresses, independent table of opening codes (1020 different codes in total), independent settings of calling parameters,
- The receiver addresses in each zone can be assigned to an individual call number with a maximum of 6 digits (dialed from the keypad of the Inspiro+ panel).