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| PRO-USB | Computer interface for managing PRO G3 devices
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Thanks to the individual numbers of each device (Dev ID), we can search, identify and manage the settings of all devices in the system (group or individual). In the panels there is a possibility of adding or removing proximity tags (opening doors), assigning receiver addresses to ringing buttons, changing the time of door opening, activating notification in the receiver about door opening and managing the list of premises. On the other hand, in monitors we can read its address, intercom address (eventually also modify them), manage the volume of the ringing tone, calls, change the melody of the ringing tone, and modify the image parameters. Each 3-generation PRO device can be set to
4-digit password for access to settings (the password cannot be reset or recovered in any way - in case of forgetting the password, the device should be sent back to the service together with the proof of purchase).
All settings and the proximity keyfob database can be saved to a file or in the cloud (Google disk, DropBox).

PRO-USB also allows you to update the software of all 3-generation PRO devices. The update can be performed on a running system and simultaneously on all devices.
The module is connected to the PRO 3-generation system bus using 3 wires (LINE, +DC and -DC) or RJ45 connectors (the module has two RJ45 connectors, which makes it possible to connect the bus anywhere). The USB interface is connected to a PC (the controllers should be installed automatically) and through the dedicated "PRO 3 Manager" application we can search for and connect to all devices connected to the bus of the intercom system.
The PRO 3 Manager application is constantly being developed and improved, and thanks to the device software update we have constant access to the latest PRO system capabilities.

Link to download PRO 3 Manager application.
If necessary, the drivers can be downloaded here  (recommended download: "setup executable").

Technical details

Description Computer interface for managing device settings in the PRO and PRO-A system (3-generation)
Material ABS enclosure in ACO standard (type A)
Dimensions 71.5x72x19.5
Characteristics Type of installation:
-PRO digital system (3-generation): cat. 5e or 6
-PRO-A digital system (3-generation): 3 wires
-3 x ARK screw connectors:
- connection of the PRO system line: "LINE"
- power supply connection: "+DC" and "-DC"
2 x RJ45 connector:
- PRO system bus connection
-1 x mini USB connection to computer

- management of settings of all devices of the PRO series of generation 3
- possibility of connecting the PRO system bus in any place
- software update of PRO series devices of generation 3
- search for all devices in the system
- individual or group grounding management
- possibility to manage devices and update them in a working system
- one software to handle all devices: PRO 3 Manager
- Software available for free download from www.aco.com.pl