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| MPRO 7 WH | Handsfree digital inside unit with glass front and 7” colour display
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Technical details

Index MPRO 7 WH
Description Handsfree digital inside unit with glass front, 7” colour display and functional touch icons
Material of front Glass
Available colours White (WH)
Black (BK)
Display Colour 7” LCD
Resolution 800x480
Mounting Surface
Dimensions (mm) 237x121x25
Installation type Digital: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15VDC (min. 13,5V; max. 18V), 460mA
Power consumption in stnad-by ~ 0,2W
Input 1x socket RJ45
screw terminals ARK
Output F2 button:
- through the main bus line
Characteristics - modern, flat, touch front panel made of glass
- resistant to scratches, easy to keep clean
- touch icons: handset, the key, video monitor
- colour, sharp picture
- handsfree (loud speaker)
- 5 levels of adjustable volume control
- clear, disturbance free sound
- intuitive and comfortable interface
- full privacy of conversation
- preview without active connection
- many handsets can be connected in the same apartment
- door bell function
- intercom: internal communication between inside units
- indpendent main address and intercom for every inside unit
- the unit receives every call after it's addressed with „0”
- home automation: control over external, devices like gates, lights or blind rollers
- office feature – automatic door opening which can be turned on and off at every moment
- compatible with all digital devices from FAMILIO PRO range
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