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| MOD-SPK-P | Built-in main unit module
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Inspiring solution for modern apartment buildings

Technical details

Description Built-in main unit module
Dimensions (mm) 118x72x30
Material Stainless steel
Max. amount of phones 150
Mounting Any.
Double-sided sealing tape placed on the front.
Installation type Digital: 2 wires
Power supply 11,5V ± 0,5V AC lub 15V DC, 250mA
Stand-by power consumption ~ 1,3W
Outputs 2 x screw connections:
- connection of a conventional door opener (max. 1A) or a reversible door opener (max. 0.5A) or a module
CDN-PK relay (contact rating max. 5A)
5 x screw connections:
- audio signal connection: LINE- ML, +, - (GND).
Inputs 1 x NO e.g. "bell" button - direct activation of the door opener with the possibility of delay up to 255 sec.
Attributes - various building-in appliances
- outside buttons connect to external module MOD-10NBP
- compatible with different modules that extend functionality
- controls multi-entrance Master/Slave systems
- home automation: control over external, devices like gates, lights or blind rollers
- many handsets can be connected in the same apartment
- connects to external camera and is compatible with video door entry systems (requires CDNVS or CDNVSp)
- wide configuration possibilities individually for every apartment 
- individual setting of sound parameters
- intuitive and comfortable configuration and control
- corridor opening
- doorman function
- compatible with different e-lock types 
- compatible with magnetic keepers
- controls external opening button
- compatible with all digital devices from CDN, INSPIRO and FAMILIO range
- programming possible directly on the panel or with the computer with USB cable
- free software

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