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 | INSPIRO VG 1+ | Digital video outside unit with code lock, module for the disabled and space for VIGIK proximity reader
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Technical details

Description Digital video door entry system with a code lock, a space for VIGIK proximity reader and a module for people with disabilities
Design 2mm thick flat front panel and illuminated brushed stainless steel buttons
Modules Camera - high resolution color (min.600 lines) with 2.8mm wide-angle lens. Adjustable position of the direction of observation of the camera with IR LED backlighting: +/- 20° horizontally.
Excellent image day and night.
DM - Module for people with disabilities INS-DM: T-loop, speech synthesizer (sound signaling), three illuminated LEDs (optical signaling)
Code lock - an individual four-digit opening code for each unit
VG - place to install the VIGIK proximity reader
Display LCD (heated)
Max. number of subscribers 1020 apartments
Installation method Flush-mounted
Surface mounted (additional INS-P-XL NT mounting box)
Dimensions (mm) Panel 111x412
Flush-mounting box 92x393x31.5
Installation type Digital: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Line length Max. 1000m
Power supply 15V DC / 1140mA
Power consumption in standby mode ~ 1,2W
Outputs First to connect:
- Traditional electric door strike (max. 1A)
- reversing electric door strike (max.0.5A)
- CDN-PK relay module (max. 5A)
Second relay to connect:
- home automation (max. 2A,30VDC)
Inputs 1x NO, e.g. "bell" button - direct activation of the electric door strike or calling the selected apartments
Amenities for the disabled - Illuminated keypad buttons optional Braille-compatible
- optical and acoustic (voice announcements) signaling of panel functions
- automatic or remote (with the use of a button) opening of the door without the need to answer the call and the possibility of connecting an additional acoustic or light signalling device in the apartments (CDN-U)
Features - resistant to weather conditions and acts of vandalism
- option of setting a 6-digit apartment number
- 4 different code tables
- available codes: 1020 apartment (4-digit),
5 administrator (4 or 6-digit), 1 technician (8-digit)
- programmable entry on the main display (max. 30 characters)
- adjustable max. talk time (40-120 seconds)
- support for multiple expansion modules increasing the system functionality
- support for multi-input Master/Slave/Multimaster systems
- optional SW4S-DIN module required for 1020 apartments
- opening of an e-lock or additional relay output without a call (CDN-I/O)
- home automation: control of external devices such as the gate, barrier, lighting, roller blinds, using a code lock, receiver. Functions also available without an active connection:
- gate opening – triple key or
- external device control (CDN-I/O module) – triple key
- enabling or disabling access to external device control separately for each apartment
- option of connecting multiple receivers under the same number using active receivers
- many options of individual configuration for each apartment
- intuitive and comfortable operation and configuration
- group change of calling range
- group change of call numbers
- option of setting up to 8 numbers, including the option of calling without talking
- auto-opening function for each apartment
- corridor opening function
- gatekeeper function
- option of entering any max. 6 character text on the display during gatekeeper redirection
- adjustable number of openings during talk (1-3)
- operation of e-locks and maglocks of various types
- 8 priority additional numbers with individual settings of calling parameters
- call forwarding for additional numbers
- built-in induction loop (marked with an international symbol) for people using a hearing aid – the voice from the intercom loudspeaker is sent directly to the hearing aid
- built-in visual indicators: the red diode signals calling the apartment, the yellow diode signals that the call has been taken, the green diode indicates door opening.
- built-in sound indication – a synthesizer that plays the following messages: "selection pending, please wait" (when calling the apartment), "the door is open, please enter" or "the number is not responding, try again later".
Messages are available in the following languages: Polish, English and French, according to the set language of the displayed messages in the intercom.
- dedicated slot for installing the VIGIK proximity reader
- programming with a computer without external power supply
- programming with the control panel and computer using a USB cable
- free software available in the "download" tab
- compatible with all digital devices from the groups: CDN, Inspiro and Familio P/PV

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