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| INS-ZS | Stand alone code lock
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Inspiring solution for modern apartment buildings

Technical details

Index INS-ZS
Description Stand alone code lock
Material Flat front panel, 2mm thick, buttons made of brushed stainless steel
Max. amount of phones 255 different codes
Mounting Flush
Surface (additional mounting back box INS-P-XS NT)
Dimensions (mm) Panel 111x130
Back box 110x90x31
Optionally – surface back box INS-P-XS NT 132,2x113,2x(37,5/29)
Installation type 2 wires for power, 2 wires for e-lock
Power supply 12V ± 0,5V AC, 160mA (the device only)
Stand-by power consumption ~ 0,5W
Outputs First and second output (screw terminals ARK) to connect:
- traditional e-lock (max. 1A)
- reverse e-lock (max. 0,5A) – only one output
- relay module CDN-PK (max. 5A)
Inputs ARK screw terminal:
- NO switch for e.g. „bell” - direct activation of the first e-lock
- power connection
Features for disabled - acoustic and optical signalisation of the device function
Characteristics - resistant to bad weather conditions and vandalism
- compatible ACO table of codes
- 255 individual 4 digit opening codes
- two independent outputs
- adjustable acivity time of every output 1-9 s.
- compatible with tranditional e-locks
- controls reverse e-lock – only one output
- compatible with reverse e-locks and magentic keepers (CDN-PK module essential)
- obsługa zewnętrznego przycisku otwierania (do 1 wyjścia)
- sound signalisation can be disabled
- programmed from the device
- programmed via cpu with CDN-USB cable
- free software available our website in download section

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