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| INS-UP720MR | Digital audio inside unit with magnetic handset hang-up and door bell function
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Technical details

Index INS-UP720MR
Description Digital audio inside unit with magnetic handset hang-up, 2 buttons and door bell function
Material Housing made of ABS
Available colours White
Handset hang-up Magnetic
Display -
Mounting Surface
Dimensions (mm) 201x80x45
Installation type Digital: 2 wires + power supply
Power supply 15VDC (min. 12V; max. 18V), 50mA
Power consumption in stnad-by ~ 0,1W
Input 1x RJ45 socket
screw terminals ARK
1x NO contact for door bell
Output F2 button:
- 1 x NO contact seperated from the system
Characteristics - magnetic handset hanging up mechanism
- 2 buttons: opening, functional for controlling external devices (some models of control panels or panels require an optional CDN-I/O relay
- opening or controlling the home automation without an active connection
- doorbell function
- Individual handset volume control
- possibility of operating multiple receivers at one address
- 3-stage ringing volume contro
- hold function
- possibility to hang up the handset without disconnecting the call
- home automation - control of external devices, e.g. gate, barrier, lighting, roller blinds
- compatible with all digital group devices: CDNP, Inspiro and Familio P/PV
- optical indication of handset mute

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