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| INS-MP7 BK | Handsfree digital inside unit with glass front and 7” colour display
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Technical details

Index INS-MP7 BK
Description Handsfree digital inside unit with glass front, 7” colour display and functional touch icons
Material Glass, ABS rear housing
Available colours White (WH)
Black (BK)
Handset hang-up Headset-free, hands-free
Display Colour 7” LCD
Resolution 800x480
Mounting Surface
Dimensions (mm) 237x121x25
Installation type Digital PV system:
UTP cat. 5e/6
Power supply 15VDC, 460mA
Power consumption in stnad-by ~ 0,2W
Input 1 x Rj45 socket
3 x ARK screw connectors
audio and power line connection
1 x ARK "RING" screw connector
connection of NO contact, e.g. "bell" button - doorbell function (activated after a short circuit to GND of the system)
1 x to connect a second independent 100 Ohm/1Vp-p, differential /UTP camera (use for example CDNVS-60)
Output The " Circle" button (Function button F2):
- on the system bus
Characteristics - modern, flat, front made of glass with functional touch icons
- scratch-resistant, easy to keep clean
- illuminated touch icons
- home automation: control of external devices, e.g. gate, barrier, roller shutters, lighting (some models of control panels or panels require an
optional CDN-I/O relay module)
- opening or controlling the home automation without answering the call
- a colorful, sharp image
- hands-free
- 7-step sound control
- clear, interference-free sound
- intuitive and comfortable to use
- full privacy of the connection
- possibility to trigger the image preview in standby mode
- possibility to switch the camera view on permanently
- possibility to operate several monitors at one address
- doorbell function (RING)
- automatic switching on of the view from the second camera when the ringing function is called (RING)
- optical signaling of silent ringing
- call signalling
- auto-opening function (after detecting the ringing, the door will be opened)

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