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| GLASS-PRO-7 BK | Digital hands-free video monitor with glass front and 7" colour display
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Technical details

Description Digital video monitor for the PRO system, hands-free with a glass front and 7'' colour display, with touch function icons.
Material of front Glass
Available colours Biały (WH)
Czarny (BK)
Display 7'' colour LCD
Resolution 800x480
Mounting Surface-mounted
Dimensions (mm) 237x121x25
Installation type Digital PRO system: cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15V DC / 300mA
Power consumption in stnad-by ~ 0,4W
Input 5 x disconnectable screw terminals (PRO system bus connection):
- audio signal connection: "LINE".
- power supply connection: "+DC" and "-DC"
- connection of the Video signal: "V+" and "V-"
1 x RJ45 connector:
- PRO system bus connection
2 x screw connections (detachable):
- 1x NO e.g. "bell" button - doorbell function
Output Function button ("F2" - "circle" icon):
- activated at any time
- controlled on the system bus (optional PRO-I/O relay module connected to the system bus required)
Characteristics - modern, flat, touch-sensitive front made of glass
- Scratch-resistant, easy to clean
- illuminated touch icons
- Colourful, expressive image
- hands-free
- 7-step volume control
- optical signaling of mute and ringing
- clear, distortion-free sound
- intuitive and comfortable operation
- full privacy of the call
- image preview without active connection
- possibility of working with several monitors at the same address
- doorbell function (activated via the built-in entrance or via system bus: optional PRO-I/O module required)
- intercom: internal communication between receivers
- an independent main and intercom address for each video monitor
- supports the call address from the pool available in the system: 127 addresses (programmed with switches) or from 1023 addresses available in the system (programmed from a computer using optional PRO-USB interface)
- the monitor can react to any call address (after setting "0" address)
- Home automation (function button): Control of external devices, e.g. gateway, barrier, roller shutters, lighting, even without active connection (optional PRO-I/O relay module connected to the system bus required).
- Office function - automatic door release - activation at any time
- Possibility of connecting up to 4 additional cameras (optional VIDEO-SW2 MINI-60 module connected to the system bus required)
- compatible with all digital devices of the Familio PRO/COMO PRO group

New features of the 3rd generation GLASS-PRO-7 monitor:
- 8 melodic ringtones
- doorbell function (built-in terminals for connecting a doorbell push-button)
- Programming the settings and updating the software on the system bus (PRO-USB computer interface required)
- possibility of intercom calling within the main calling address and beyond the main calling address - feedback communication with other premises or e.g. a doorman
- compatible with previous generations of the PRO system
- individual number of each device: DevID
- search for all devices in the system
- individual or group facility management
- possibility to manage devices and update them in a working system
- one software to handle all devices: PRO 3 Manager

Features for people with disabilities:
- acoustic and optical signalling of monitor functions
- autoopening function: automatically opens the door when someone rings (function activated on the monitor or via the optional PRO-I/O module connected to the system bus)
- opening the door without answering the call: with an additional button or e.g. remote control (optional PRO-I/O module connected to the system bus required)
- possibility of connecting an additional acoustic or light device to indicate a ringing tone (optional PRO-I/O module connected to the system bus required)
Handset hang-up Speakerphone, No headset, Digital, Active

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