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| COMO-PRO-POST-V1 | - Letterbox with built-in digital door entry system, key fob reader and direct call button
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Technical details

Description Letterbox with built-in COMO-PRO series door entry system
Material 2mm thick flat front panel with inlet flap, illuminated brushed stainless steel button
Modules 1 illuminated call button and illuminated description field
Unique 125 kHz (ACC) proximity key fob reader integrated with description field
Version V - High resolution color camera (min.600 lines) with 2.8mm wide angle lens. Adjustable camera viewing position with IR LED illumination: +/- 20° horizontally. Excellent image quality during the day and at night.
Max. amount of phones 1 apartment (possibility of connecting multiple receivers to one address)
Mounting Flush-mounted
Dimensions (mm) Front and back panel 180 x 280 (H x W)
Internal drawer 160 x 250 x 280-410 (H x W x D)
Installation type Digital PRO system: min. twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Line lenght Max. 1000m
Power supply 15V DC 400mA
Stand-by power consumption ~ 2,5W
Outputs 2 x "ELOCK" detachable screw connectors:
- connection of a traditional (max. 1A) or a reversing electric door strike (max.0.5A)
5 x "ELOCK" detachable screw terminals (for connecting the PRO system bus):
- connection of audio signal: "LINE”
- power supply connection: „+DC" and "-DC"
- Video signal connection: „V+" and "V-"
1 x Rj45 connector:
- connection of PRO system bus
Inputs 2 x screw connectors, separable:
- NO button connection e.g. "bell" button for direct activation of the electric door strike
2 x detachable screw terminals:
- connection of a separate power supply for the door opener output
Features for disabled - acoustic and visual signaling of panel functions
- automatic door release function: automatic opening of the door when a call is received (function activated on GLASS-PRO-7/MPRO7
receivers or via optional PRO-I/O module connected to the system bus)
- opening of the door without answering the call: by means of an additional button or e.g. remote control (required connection to the
terminals of the panel or to the optional module PRO-I/O connected to the system bus)
- Possibility to connect an additional acoustic or light device to signal ringing (optional PRO-I/O module connected to the system bus
Characteristics - resistant to vandalism and weather conditions
- working temperature: from -20 to 50ºC
- inner door with a lock and transparent signboard
- Large capacity locker for deliveries
- intuitive and comfortable operation and configuration
- individually illuminated call button with backlit, easily replaceable writing space
- access control - built-in proximity key fob reader, integrated with description field
- Support for 70 proximity key fobs (10 assigned to the premises + 10 administrative fobs)
- Possibility to use up to 10240 proximity fobs (accessible from the computer)
- Acoustic door opening announcement in the apartment (ringing) - only for the keyfobs assigned to the apartment (can be deactivated
from the computer level)
- Support for multiple expansion modules to increase system functionality
- home automation: control of external devices e.g. entrance gate, barrier, lighting, roller-blinds(requires optional PRO-I/O module
connected to system bus)
- possibility of connecting many receivers calling simultaneously
- receiver presence detection (the panel will not ring if the receiver is missing)
- possibility of connecting different types of electric strikes
- Output for direct connection of an electric door strike
- possibility of controlling an electromagnetic jumper
- possibility to power the output for connecting an electric door strike from a separate power supply (DC or AC)
- possibility of connecting an external opening button
- option of protected door opening control: electrical door strike connected to optional PRO-I/O module (relay contacts)(relay contacts),
and the panel activates opening via the system bus
- programming from the panel and PC via CDN-USB cable
- panel software update via PRO-USB or CDN-USB interface
- free software available in the "download" section
- possibility to connect in the premises an additional acoustic or light device signaling ringing(requires optional PRO-I/O module
connected to the system bus)
- compatible with all digital devices operating in PRO, PRO-A (FAMILIO/COMO) systems
- connection in one system of two panels: 1 x master and 1 x slave (optional VIDEO-SW2 MINI-60 module required)
- adding and removing proximity key fobs by using the "master" key fob (separately for each premise) and with thesuper master" key
fob (in all premises)
- Programming of settings and software updates via the system bus (PRO-USB computer interface required)
- compatible with earlier generations of the PRO system
- individual number for each device: DevID
- Search for all devices in the system- Individual or group device management
- Possibility to manage and update devices in a running system
- One software to manage all devices: PRO 3 Manager

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