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| CDNVSbk | Video intermediate combiner no without camera
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Technical details

Index CDNVSbk
Description Combiner for station without camera is used in situations, such as when Slave has no camera, but whole installation was prepared to fit video system.
Material 71,5x72x19,5
Dimensions (mm) ABS plastic housing
Installation type Digital: twisted-pair cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15V DC
Standby power consumption -
Outputs 1 x RJ45 socket (video bus output)
Inputs - 1 x RJ45 socket (video bus input)
ARK screw connections:
- connection of the audio line from the previous panel ("ML" connector)
- connection of audio lines from the panel
- power connection
Attributes - used in the CDNP series Slave type panels without CDNVK module
- used in Inspiro audio Slave panels working in a video system
- used in Familio P panels
- enters the system bus: audio line signal
- provides an audio line signal from the previous panel ("ML" connector) to the system bus

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