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| CDNVS-60 |  Video combiner - to an installation box Ø60 mm
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Technical details

Index CDNVS-60
Description Video combiner for an installation box Ø60 mm
Material Foamed PVC housing (bottom)
Dimensions (mm) 35x50x17,5
Installation type Digital: twisted-pair cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15VDC / 40mA
Standby power consumption ~0,6W
Outputs ARK screw connections:
- VIDEO differential signal outputs
- power supply connection for external camera (12V, max 200mA)
Inputs ARK screw connections:
- PAL video signal connection (75 Ohm)
- power connection
Attributes - compatible with PAL video signal (75 Ohm)
- possibility of connecting an external analog camera to ACO video systems
- allows the connection of a second camera in the monitors
- is located in an installation box with a diameter of 60mm
- compatible with CDNP, Inspiro, COMO / Familio-P/PRO

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