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| CDNVRau4-60 | Universal 4-output active splitter - for Ø60 mm electrical box
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Technical details

Index CDNVRau4 - 60
Description Active splitter without housing
Material Plastic housing (underside)
Dimensions (mm) 50x50x18
Installation type Digital: twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15VDC / 50 mA
Standby power consumption ~0,8W
Outputs ARK screw connectors:
8 x connection of the video output signal: V+ and V-
Inputs ARK screw connections:
- 2 x power connection
- 2 x connection of the input video signal: IN V+ and IN V-
Attributes - the possibility of increasing the distance up to 300m with the use of additional power supplies for receivers
- connection of up to 4 receivers
- Splitting the video signal into 4 independent outputs
- distance to receiver: max 70 m (with appropriate system configuration)
- Possibility to work as a through or final manifold (built-in video terminator with jumper)
- power supply and operating status of the distributor