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| CDNP7ACC | Digital door entry system  with code lock and proximity reader
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Technical details

Index CDNP7ACC ST (Master)
Destription Digital door entry system with code lock and proximity reader
Material Powder-coated aluminium alloy enclosure
Flat enclosure front flush with installation frame
Additional plastic back enclosure covering electronic components
Available colours Steel (ST)
Modules Code lock - individual 4-digit opening code for each apartment
ACC - Uniqe 125kHz proximity keyfob reader
Max. amount of phones 255 apartments
Display LCD (heated)
Mounting Depending on the frame selected:
- flush-mounted
- surface-mounted
Dimensions (mm) 206 x 88 x 29.3
Installation type Digital: 2 wires - system P or
UTP cat. 5e/6 - system PV
Line lenght Max. 1000 m
Power supply 15V DC / 200mA or
11,5V ± 0,5V AC
Stand-by power consumption ~ 1W
Outputs 2 x "ELOCK" screw connections:
- connection of conventional (max. 1A) or reversible (max. 0.5A) door opener or CDN-PK relay module (max. 5A)
2 x screw connections
- to connect the audio signal: "LINE+" and "LINE- (GND)"
2 x screw connections
- connecting the second relay output (OUTPUT): "N" and "NO" (max. 2A,30VDC) - Master only
Inputs 4 x screw connectors:
- power supply connection: fixed "+DC" and "GND" or variable "AC" and "AC”
1 x screw connector "INPUT":
- NO (NO) - short circuit connection - activated after a short circuit to the system GND. E.g. external open button
1 x screw connection:
- Connecting the audio signal from the preceding control panel (Master Line): "ML+" (Slave only)
2 x "EXTMOD" socket for connecting optional modules
Features for disabled - backlit keypad buttons, optionally with stamped Braille alphabet characters
- panel function sound or visual signalling
- automatic or remote (using a button) door opening without answering a call and possibility to connect an additional sound or light call signalling device (CDN-U) in an apartment
Characteristics - weatherproof and vandalism resistant
- easy assembly and installation thanks to special holders in the frame for hanging the control panel during installation
- available codes: 255 locators (4-digit), 5 administrators (4 or 6-digit), 1 installer (8-digit)
- support up to 6144 proximity tags
- any number of key fobs assigned to each unit (from pool 6144)
- any number of key rings for administrator's access, not assigned to the premises (from the pool 6144)
- any number of proximity keys for the installer's access with the possibility to enter the settings
- Adjustable talk time (40-120 seconds)
- Support for multiple expansion modules to increase system functionality
- acoustic information in the premises about opening the door (calling)
- only for key rings assigned to the premises (possibility of disabling the function)
- Support for multiple expansion modules to increase system functionality
- operation in multi-part master/slave/Multimaster systems
- home automation: control of external devices, e.g. gate, barrier, lighting, roller blinds, with a code lock, key ring, receiver. An optional
CDN-I/O module is required for slave panels.
- switching on or off access to control external devices separately for each unit
- possibility to connect multiple receivers under the same number (only active receivers)
- wide range of possibilities for individual configuration of the settings for each unit
- intuitive and comfortable operation and configuration
- corridor opening function
- option to change the range of ringing numbers in groups (from the computer)
- group caller number change option (from the computer)
- possibility to set the option to call without a call for 8 premises
- self-opening function for each apartment
- possibility to enter 6-character display text during a doorman redirection
- adjustable number of openings during conversation (1-3)
- operation of electric strikes and jumpers of various types
- 8 priority additional numbers with individual ringing parameter settings
- serial number of the device displayed in the computer program
- call forwarding function for additional numbers
- programming from the control panel and computer using the optional CDN-USB cable
- free software available in the "download" tab
- compatible with digital group devices: CDNP, Inspiro and Familio P/PV

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