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| CDNARu-DIN  | DIN rail audio splitter
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Technical details

Description DIN rail audio splitter
Dimensions (mm) 91,1x71x59,2 (4 DIN modules)
Material ABS plastic housing
Mounting DIN rail or surface-mounted
Installation type Digital: twisted pair cable cat. 5e or 6
Outputs Rj45 Connector x4:
- audio and power outputs
RJ45 Connector x1:
- differential VIDEO, audio and power output
Inputs ARK screw connectors:
- audio signal connection (line)
- power connection
RJ45 Connector x1:
- connection of audio signal, differential VIDEO and power supply
Characteristics - connection of 5 receivers or separation of the main bus
- main input from panel or other ACO standard source
- one pass-through output, for audio and video signa
l- compatible with other ACO systems
- can be connected with RJ45 or ARK screw terminals (power + audio line)
- can be used in line or at the end of the main bus (terminator can be switched on)
- 4 outputs to the receivers are protected on the power line with a polymer fuse (automatically restores the voltage to the output after the short circuit has disappeared)