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| CDN-RZ2-L | Flush-mounted frame dedicated to CDNP7ACC with modules, designed for the CDN-MZ-L protective grille
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Technical details

Index CDN-RZ2-L
Description Flush-mounted frame for CDNP7ACC with modules with additional holes for mounting the protective grille
Design Stainless steel
Dimensions (mm) 352,5x111
Mounting dimension: 333.5x92x33.5 (including 1.5mm flange)
Installation method Flush-mounted
Example application - designed to protect the CDNP7ACC control panel and additional modules e.g. against theft
Features - resistant to vandalism and weather conditions
- the frame is standardly fitted with handles for hanging the control panel comfortably during installation
- special 4mm diameter holes for riveting the frame with a dedicated grille

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