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| CDN-MM | Multimaster - "star" type installation
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Technical details

Index CDN-MM
Description Multimaster module
Dimensions (mm) 70,5x71x19,5
Material ABS plastic housing
Max. number of subscribers -
Installation type Digital: 2 wires
Power supply 9-15V DC
Standby power consumption ~ 0,06W
Outputs ARK screw connections:
- 1 x LINE (2-wire for receivers or panels/Slave panels)
Inputs ARK screw connections:
- 5 x LINE ( 2 wire from the control panels/master panels)
- 1 x power supply
Attributes - up to 5 panels/master panels
- possibility of direct connection of Slave devices or receivers (classic as in CDNP and INSPIRO systems)
- reduce installation length by changing topology to "star"
- compatible with all digital devices from CDN, Inspiro (audio version)