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| acoGO! 2.0 PRO WiFi | IP gateway to the PRO or PRO-A door entry system with built-in WiFi (iOS / Android / Audio / Video / Single / Multi).
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Meet the latest version of the acoGO! 2.0, which combines your door entry system with your phone, so you can answer calls wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Available in Multi (for multi-apartment buildings) and Single (for single family houses) options.

By purchasing appropriate licenses and subscriptions on portal.acogo.pl, you can quickly and easily adapt the device to the needs of your investment.

The most important advantages of acoGO! 2.0:
- receiving door entry system calls on your smartphone - while you are both inside and outside the house
- Possibility to install the device anywhere in the building
- increase the safety of residents and functionality of the building
- facilitation of contact between neighbors in emergency situations
- convenient operation through intuitive application and service management portal
- Ideal solution for people with disabilities and elderly care
- Possibility of development of the service with other useful functions
- savings on replacing the door entry system from audio to video

More information about acoGO! www.acogo.pl

Technical details

Index ACO GO! 2.0 PRO WIFI
Description IP gateway to the PRO and PRO-A door entry system with built-in WiFi, allows you to receive calls from the door entry system on your
Dimensions (mm) 82 x 122,5 x 34
Material ABS plastic housing
Max. amount of phones 64
Installation type Digital PRO system: min. 3 wires or twisted pair cat. 5e or 6
Power supply 15VDC / 500 mA
Stand-by power consumption ~6W
Outputs -
Inputs 6 x screw connectors (PRO system bus connection):
- audio communication line connection: "LINE"
- power supply connection: „+DC" and "GND/-DC"
- Video signal connection: „V+" and "V-"
1 x RJ45 connector:
- PRO system bus connection
1 x RJ45 connector:
- LAN computer network connection
Characteristics - redirects door entry receiver functions to a smartphone with acoGO! 2.0
- application available both in Google Play store (Android systems) and in App Store (iOS system)
- Application on a smartphone allows, among others..:
- audio conversation: clear, interference-free sound
- viewing video image from the calling video intercom
- opening the door - both without the need to establish a connection with the premises
- control of additional devices, e.g. second gate, barrier, lighting, roller-blinds or other home automation by means of
an additional relay output* (F2 function) - both without the need to establish a connection with the premises
- full privacy of the connection
- intuitive and comfortable operation
- loud-speaking mode or as a classic phone call
- Volume control for ringing/talking
- elegant casing, which can be mounted next to the classic door entry receiver (surface mounting)
- can be mounted instead of the receiver (possibility of automatic operation without classic door entry receiver)
- possibility to work in parallel with the receiver (on the same address as the classic door entry receiver)
- can be connected anywhere on the door entry bus
- works via the Internet (Internet access is required for both the gateway and the smartphone)
- connection to the Internet via LAN (Ethernet) / recommended or Wi-Fi
- simple configuration
- supports calling address from the pool available in the system: 1023 addresses
- can react to any ringing address (after setting the address to "0")
- remote control of the device via web browser and acoGO! portal (from any place, on any device)
- possibility of increasing the device capabilities by purchasing a license and subscription on the acoGO! portal
- supports up to 64 units (after purchasing an appropriate license - Multi version)
- possibility to connect up to two phones (Single version) free of charge
- possibility to connect up to 4 phones (after purchasing the subscription - Single/Multi version)
- management of device settings via regular www browser (possibility of logging into device's configuration page in local network)
- transmission of video stream from the video doorphone in RTSP format
- possibility of firmware / software update
- compatible with all digital devices working in PRO and PRO-A systems
- 3 LEDs informing about device status
- possibility of mounting to a box Φ 60 mm thanks to special catches
- individual number of each device: DevID
- continuous development and improvement of mobile application, gateway and portal - constantly added functions and possibilities of acoGO!

Features for people with disabilities:
Thanks to the application on your smartphone we have the ability to:
- remotely answer the door entry system and conduct a conversation
- view the image from the panel camera (PRO video system required)
- remotely open the door (no need to establish a connection with the premises)
- remote control of home automation (without establishing a connection with the premises)
e.g. opening a second gate, barrier, roller-blinds, lighting control*

*additional PRO I/O-60 (G3) module required

Examples of dedicated devices